Our groundbreaking patented Safe, Green & Trustworthy Super Artificial Intelligence(AI) for Everything Platform

Powering the AI revolution using industry's first patented software defined trusted, safe and secure Super AI for everything at scale. Our AI processing and solution 100x faster, energy efficient and lowest latency than the state of the art.

We are bringing together a unique fusion of high performance and secured AI learning, training & inference solution(Vision, Speech, NLP/NLU, IoT, Autonomy), to enable End-to-End tailored solution for any AI applications in any domain.

Our AI processing radically increases performance, reduces size, power consumoption and total cost of ownership, making it suitable for cloud, edge, mobile processing of high-resolution sensor data in real time.

Our breakthrough AI Platform can run AI applications on devices/systems that are installed in autonomous vehicles, drones, appliances, personal assistants, smart cameras, smart TVs, AR and VR, wearables, smart health devices and many more.

Our Focus Areas

Pathtronic's Industry 4.0 Software Defined Secure & Trusted AI, IOT, OT, IT, Blockchain and Digital Twin Platform is designed to serve the following areas and many more:

Environmental, Green and Circular Economy, Forest and Fire Management.

Transportation, Automobility, Autonomous Vehicles & Aviation

Healthcare, Diagnostics,Drug Discovery and Genomics

Smart Manufacturing, Precision Agriculture, Industrial Robots,Drones and Internet of Things

Cybersecurity, Defense and Intelligence

Education, Entertainment,Financial and Insurance

5G/6G Wireless/Mobile and Autonomous Systems