Fast, Secure & Trusted

Pathtronic is building the most powerful Trusted AI Infrastructure-as-a-Service to power the AI Revolution.

Our ground breaking Secured AI Solution-on-Silicon dramatically increases capabilities of AI applications at the Edge and in the Cloud.

Speed and power improvements are 100s of times better than the latest state of the art AI processing hardware.

Extreme Low Power
AI Solution on Silicon

Unprecedented Performance

Cloud GPU-Cluster capabilities in a fingernail-size device.

Makes AI Training at the Edge possible.

AI Solution-on-Silicon

We are bringing together a unique fusion of high performance and secured AI learning & inference solution (Vision, Speech, NLP, IoT) to enable End-to-End Trusted AI application deployments.

Our AI processor radically increases performance, reduces size, power consumoption and total cost of ownership, making it suitable for cloud, edge, and mobile processing of high-resolution sensor data in real time.

No programming or multithreading expertise required. No CUDA.

Our breakthrough AI Solution-on-Silicon can run AI applications on devices/systems that are installed in autonomous vehicles, drones, appliances, personal assistants, smart cameras, smart TVs, AR and VR, wearables, smart health devices and many more.

Trusted AI Infrastructure

Powerful trusted AI Infrastructure-as-a-service to dynamically & securely create, deploy, collaborate and transfer AI Solutions and Services at the edge and in the cloud with ease and at scale.

Applied AI Focus Areas

Exploding rate of AI adoption across multiple areas demands better hardware and solutions than the contemporary GPU or CPU can provide. Pathtronic's Trusted AI Infrastructure along with secured Solution-on-Silicon is poised to revolutionize the following areas:

Pathronic AI Applications


Cost of healthcare is escalating worldwide. Industry is starting to adopt outcome based healthcare and re-imbursements. We believe AI is truly going to revolutionize the Health Care industry in delivering the outcome based quality and affordable personalized health to one and all. AI techniques are going to be effective in the area of real-time health monitoring, effective diagnosis, predicting patient outcomes, dynamic outcome based health insurance, personalized drug discovery, personalizing treatments and medicine, assistive living, predicting pandemics and more.

Our team has proven expertise and experience in the area of AI, IoT and Security for Healthcare. We have specifically designed extremely low power, high performance AI Solution on silicon to enable continuous and real-time monitoring, detection, prediction & discovery techniques to save lives and deliver personalized and outcome based quality healthcare..



Financial and Insurance

Financial institutions are no exception to the rapid adoption of AI into their various financial services. Some of the financial services deploying AI include, algorithmic high frequency trading, credit card and other financial fraud detection, AI robo-advisor and personal assistant, financial forecasting, AI driven multi-factor identity and security management.

Similarly insurance agencies are trying to minimize their risk and payout by supporting driver behavior based insurance premium, healthty lifestype and healthy outcome based insurance premium , respectively.

All these areas require real-time performance in the order of milliseconds. Our AI Solution-on-Silicon enables real-time, high speed and extremely low latency performance of the AI features required for the above financial and insurance services.

Energy and Power

Today, some sort of energy source, whether it is solar, wind, hydrogen, geo-thermal, fossil fuel, bio-fuel, nuclear and others, power anything and everything. However, with the supply and demand, constantly fluctuating due to needs, cost of energy extraction, storage and distribution, Cyber threats, AI driven applications are playing significant role in alleviating these issues. Whether it is energy exploration, energy conservation & savings, efficient storage and distribution, real-time supply-demand data analysis & prediction, AI/Machine Learning algorithms have become absolute essential. Our Secure AI Solution-on-Silicon with required IOT Sensors and security features tailored for energy sector can deliver unparalleled AI Power at different places of the above Supply-demand chain to achieve energy sustainability.



Cyber Security, Trust and Privacy Protection

With the tremendous growth in Mobile, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, Smart Health and other Edge/Fog/Cloud Applications, huge amount of information is exposed to security vulnerabilities. While traditional techniques can detect and mitigate these security challenges, they are too slow to react. Hence, leading to zero-day attacks and lost opportunities. We at Pathtronic are industry's first to devise state of the art AI driven real-time Cyber Security AI Solution-on-Silicon, that can ensure no security vulnerabilities and privacy attacks can escape the detection of and protection from these attacks. Our team from the academia and industry has proven expertise and experience in dealing with security, trust and privacy across wide spectrum of verticals.

Our AI-based cyber security Solution-on-Silicon can be deployed in the next generation automatic intrusion detection systems (IDS/IPS), application and network firewall, malicious software and Trojan detections, ransomware detection, automatic data protection for cryptic data attacks etc.

By the same token, AI Driven Software Techniques are used in Cyber warfare by bad actors. We have devised iron clad AI hardware based Cyber Trust solutions to counter and mitigate such attacks. Our trust solutions can prevent penetrations of worms, viruses into trusted zones and also prevent theft of sensitive data.

Robots and Internet of Things

Robots are moving to become completely autonomous so that they can be assistive to elderly patients, provide interactive customer/concierge service, augment human in risky/hard to reach places and so on so forth. Unlike currently operated Robots that are driven by Cloud-based AI engines, future Autonomous robots need real-time AI (perceptive, speech, surround sensing & control features) to be effective in the above specified areas. Our AI Solution-on-Silicon for Robots precisely provides these features and can be directly embedded into robots, so that, Robots can be extremely responsive and cost effective.




More and more, AI is becoming a critical technological necessity for the aviation industry that is extremely complex in nature. It involves flight monitoring and control, semi-auto to auto-piloting, airlines operations, logistics and customer services, air and ground traffic control, air & ground safety & security and more. Our Aviation centric Solutions on Silicon supports range of aviation applications by enabling features such as AI driven real-time video/image based vision processing, sensor processing, tracking, predicting and autonomous control, speech/NLP processing and more.

Smart Connected City



Autonomous Vehicles

With the autonomy of vehicles moving from ADAS to complete self-driving, there is tremendous demand for high speed and real-time compute power in the vehicles. Our Vehicle centric AI Solution-on-Silicon offers real-time processing of intelligent sensors (Cameras, Lidars, Radars, surround sensors and localization systems) along with accurate prediction.

Thus enabling active safety and complete autonomous driving without the need for constant cloud connectivity and/or huge power hungry GPUs on the trunk.

AI Personal Assistant

Today, Personal Assistant has become part of consumer day-to-day lives for better satisfaction, quality of life and tremendous savings. Brands are increasingly deploying conversational virtual assistants for better customer engagement and brand loyalty. Consequently, businesses are achieving better savings and higher revenues. On the other spectrum, consumers are getting better self-help, time saving and quality of experience. Our state of the art Conversational AI Solution-on-Silicon is poised to bring real-time quality engaging experience to personal assistant application provider and users alike.



Team consists of seasoned pioneers, visionaries, trailblazers, industry-experts, researchers and inventors from leading firms and institutions.